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July 2019
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
A Message from the Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan
As human beings living on Earth, we are closely linked to issues of Earth science. With this month’s newsletter, we hope to raise awareness of our land, the Earth. The subjects addressed include the Roof of the World-Tibet, understanding of the fault zone in the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, the development of an earthquake early-warning system, research on landslides, mud-diapirism in Taiwan and an introduction of the Taiwan Earthquake Research Center.

Taiwan, located in the Circum-Pacific seismic belt, consists of various types of land form and has experienced a number of destructive earthquakes. Based on this point, we are devoted to understanding and researching seismology. We hope that such study would not only protect us but also help other countries which suffer from earthquakes. We also expect that our knowledge of the land will make us compatible with the Earth and make the planet live long and prosper.

Liang-Gee Chen, PhD
Ministry of Science and Technology

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