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August 2021
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
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The core concept of smart machinery/smart manufacturing is to integrate sensors, processors, and communication networks into the manufacturing process, so that intelligent functions including automated detection, prediction, decision-making, learning, and adjustment can be performed at various stages of the process. Sensors are devices that acquire information from the environment or on equipment, process data through a built-in computing function, and perform data transmission or other preset functions...Read More

Research Highlights

The Development and Prospects of Taiwan's New Generation of Smart Machinery

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing rapidly, and the depth and breadth of its applications in various fields is increasing day by day. Applications of AI in different industries such as finance, marketing, manufacturing, agriculture, health care, and transportation has become the mainstream of the world's technological development. Through the joint effort of academia and industry by integrating with AI technology, Taiwan's precision machinery industry is also in the processes of upgrading and transforming to smart machinery manufacturing.

In this issue, a few brilliant R&D applications and products of smart machinery in Taiwan are highlighted, including

  1. 1) intelligent image detection, decoding, and identification for nano-level precision positioning,
  2. 2) artificial intelligence combined with sensors to accurately monitor cutting and reduce maintenance costs,
  3. 3) an indoor space positioning system to manipulate mobile vehicles
  4. 4) a small size AI hardware and software to expand the AI application field,
  5. 5) an open automated 5G platform allowing mobile phones to record and control mechanical systems,
  6. 6) an industrial-scale test site for smart manufacturing technology.


The above-mentioned R&D applications and products of smart machinery not only increase manufacturing accuracy, improve product quality, reduce maintenance costs, and expand the application for industries and domains, but also lay a solid foundation for the upgrading of precision manufacturing, smart logistics, wisdom factories and other industries, demonstrating the vigorous development and high competitiveness of Taiwan's smart machinery industry.