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December 2019
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
A Message from the Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan
With the trend of artificial intelligence, we are in the middle of a revolution that will reshape our lives. Smart technologies play crucial roles in finding smarter solutions, which not only assists companies in maximizing their benefits, but helps us live a better life. We are working closely with the top labs in Taiwan to investigate the future as we advance into the era of explosion of technologies. The intersection of humanity and technology gave an important wakeup call where the world has come to the realization that the next big trend is "people-oriented" technologies.

In this month’s newsletter, we focus on the research on smart technologies. There are five researchers from various fields of expertise who have proposed novel applications in agriculture, education, autonomous driving, intelligent service, and intelligent manufacturing. With these issues, we aim to find smart technologies in every aspect of industry, in order to make life easier for everyone.

Best wishes from MOST, we wish you a joyous holiday and a happy new year.

Liang-Gee Chen, PhD
Ministry of Science and Technology

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