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November 2019
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
A Message from the Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan
New technology, such as cloud computing, big data and mobile apps, is globally empowering educators and researchers to provide students with access to quality education. Embedded with new technology, smart education is transforming teaching and learning to be more effective and cutting-edge. The applications of smart education not only enhance students’ learning motivation but also allow them to effectively acquire knowledge and competency. In Taiwan, the government is encouraging the enactment of smart education in K-12 schools, such as combining AI with curricula so as to cultivate more talented people in these years.

In this month’s newsletter, we have invited the experts in this domain to introduce machine learning, game-based learning, e-assessments, instant response systems, and VR for innovative learning. These studies lead to more possibilities of reimagining and transforming learning processes to grow and develop all critical aspects. With modern technologies, we expect that more technology and techniques will be adopted in smart education systems in diverse ways in order to accelerate the learning process through immersive learning.

Liang-Gee Chen, PhD
Ministry of Science and Technology

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