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July 2021
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
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The world population is aging rapidly due to the increasing average life expectancy and decreasing fertility rates. According to the “World Population Prospects” published by the United Nations in 2019, people aged 65 years or over worldwide will grow from 727 million to 1.5 billion from 2020 to 2050, accounting for approximately 15.9% of the world’s population. The National Development Council estimates that Taiwan will become a super-aged society with more than 20% of the population 65 years old or over by 2025. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare...Read More

Research Highlights

The Prospect of Precision Health and Biomedical Industry in Taiwan

To promote Taiwan's biotechnology and biomedical industry development, the government specified it in the "5+2 Industrial Innovation and R&D Program" in 2017 as a core industry that will drive Taiwan's next-generation industry development. Taiwan's biotechnology and biomedical advantages are globally competitive. In addition to conferring excellent medical quality, Taiwan also has high-quality information, communications, and technology industries. The government has adapted to this advantage and assisted medical centers and domestic industries in precision health. This month's e-newsletter takes the "Precision Health and Biomedicine Industry" as the theme, and introduces the R&D results of top domestic academic research and industrial practice in the two fields of "Precision Medicine" and "Innovative Medical Technology." An introduction to the field of "Precision Medicine" includes (1) linking novel precision medicine strategies to develop new anti-cancer drugs, (2) developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that target malignant tumors, which can effectively inhibit the precise treatment of tumors by "combination therapy", (3) developing remote home sleep detection wearable devices to accurately monitor personal health, and (4) analyzing the legal system to help Taiwan's current situation successfully transform into precise health. The section "Innovative Medical Technology" mainly introduces the R&D and application of three innovative technologies, namely: (1) Cancer gene precision medical testing services; (2) Fecal Microbiota Therapy which improves the imbalance of patients’ intestinal microflora; and (3) Applying AI technology to reduce the burden on medical staff. These research and development results will contribute to promoting "Digital Health care" and "Precision Medicine" in the future. Through the collaboration of different disciplines and applying big data analysis technology, the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of health care are directed towards personalization. The integration of precise and personalized information also expands the development of the digital and biomedical technology cross-domain industrial chain and explores the international market.