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April 2021
MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) , Taiwan
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Semiconductors can be found everywhere in our living environments that controlled by semiconductor chips. The development of semiconductors has changed the way we live. Meanwhile, the semiconductor and microelectronics industries are the foundations of many emerging... Read More

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Opportunities and Challenges for Next-Generation Semiconductor Technology in Taiwan

Coupled with the rapid growth in various fields of information technology around the world, such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Everything (IoE), industrial automation, and autonomous driving technologies, the demand for chips and various electronic components has rapidly risen. These chips and electronic components rely on IC design and semiconductor technology. After years of hard work puts Taiwan at an advantage with its established and comprehensive supply chain in the semiconductor industry. Not only is it a significant part of its domestic index, but it also plays a key role in its international trade industry. Articles in the Outstanding Laboratory column in April will feature semiconductor materials, advanced processing solutions, and derivative applications including renewable energy, AIoT, electrical vehicle (EV) components, biomedical sensor components, defense, and wireless communications. Looking to the future to ensure Taiwan’s continued competitiveness in the global semiconductor industry, the technology industry must form a cross-disciplinary research team and effectively integrate research talents covering physics, chemistry, materials, microelectronics, and instrument technology to develop commercially competitive and new advanced material components as well as related manufacturing technologies.